Friday, May 13, 2011

Pet Peeves!

Do you have pets? I do, I have 2 kitties. I used to think I was a dog-person, but after getting my first cat, Shango, I quickly realized how funny and cool cats can be. Yes, they are quite independant, and may only give you the time of day when they feel like it, are hungry, or just because it's what they want to do at this moment.... But, they have very cool personalities.

Shango, who will be 7 years old in 2 weeks, is mellow, lazy and a total lover boy. Since I only had dogs around me when growing up, I taught him how to come when he's called, and to sit when I tell him so.... Took some time, but he totally does, promise!

Jazz... Well, she's definitely a typical cat. She does totally as she pleases... She's super cool though, quite the "scardy-cat" but hilarious too. She talks back and only comes to sit on me if I have a blanket on my lap. She will be 7 next October.

I knit, crochet and basically am in love with yarn and fiber crafts. I do it all the time, daily, and I basically go into withdrawls if I don't "make time for yarn everyday" (quote from a TV show: Knitting Daily).

My cats know they need to respect my yarn, and I do realize it's a great challenge for them... I mean, they are cats after all....

There is one particular brand of yarn that I particularly love..... Malabrigo yarn. It's not the fanciest, or the most expensive, but it's my favorite. I love the colors, the feel of it between my fingers and how well it knits and crochets.

I use the word Malabrigo often in my house, so it's now a common term... Hehe.... So common, in fact, that the kitties actually know not to play with it. I'm serious!

Shango loves to snuggle, he will approach slowly, tentatively place his paw on my arm and if the coast is clear, he will climb on me and lay down.... It's cute, really.

But.... if he hears "not now, love, it's Malabrigo", he knows.... He will lay next to me instead.

Do you have pets? Have some fun stories to share about your "pet peeves"?

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